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Super Dimension Southern Cross Dana Sterling
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Added 12/3/2022
Robotech / Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, Alpha Tactical Armoured Corp - A.T.A.C., 1st Lieutenant Dana Sterling / Jeanne Francaix Production Cel, 1st Model Sheet (Tatsunoko Productions, 1984). Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, Robotech universe. In 2120 far future, humanity has left the Solar System and started the colonization of other planets. One of these settlements, Glorie, is protected by the powerful Southern Cross Army. Monument City, the land-based military complex, supports the settlements by producing a variety of ultra-specialized armor. This is Settei 1st Model Sheet, hand-painted production cel of Jeanne Francaix (Dana Sterling) 1st lieutenant of the Tactical Armored Corp, the elite of the ground forces, the pilots who use the Veritech Hover Tanks (V.H.T.).

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